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Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m
  • Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m
  • Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m
  • Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m

Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m

Availability:an average of 2-5 days
Guarantee:10 years
Messina's all-year-round aluminum gazebo provides a pleasant and shady place in the summer and also protects from rain in the fall or spring. 
Outer dimensions LxWxH: 244x292x262cm (7,12m²), clearance height 195 cm. weight 78 kg.

Aluminum garden gazebo with a high-quality powder coating of 1.6 mm, which protects it from the adverse effects. And a patented 4 mm thick hard top consisting of several layers of aluminum and an inner PE core. This combination protects against heat and UV rays, reduces rainfall and is 100% resistant to corrosion.
It also excels in above-standard lifting capacity - can withstand snow loads of up to 125 kg / m².

The Altan will take a timeless black color. And a cream-colored canopy, which shines brilliantly.
Simple installation using a standard tool (drill, screwdriver, hammer - not included), which will give you a step-by-step, step-by-step guideline, so you can build your gazebo in 4 hours in 2 years. As a substrate we recommend a flat surface made of wood, concrete or paving blocks. Anchor kit is included.

Main advantages:

  • Patented Hard-Top roof system
  • Roof panels and high quality aluminum frame
  • UV protection
  • Extreme durability and stability
  • Snow load up to 120 kg / m²
  • 100% corrosion resistance (10 year warranty on non-corrosion) 
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  • Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m
  • Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m
  • Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m
  • Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m
  • Aluminum arbor MESSINA 2,44x3 m
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