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Aluminum pergola series MLC
  • Aluminum pergola series MLC
  • Aluminum pergola series MLC
  • Aluminum pergola series MLC

Aluminum pergola series MLC

Availability:30 days
Guarantee:2 years
Aluminum pergolas of the MLC series excel in their design. Aluminum pergolas are self-supporting and need not be anchored to the building. This makes them very popular and desirable. Aluminum pergolas are produced in various sizes and colors.
The pergolas can be built behind / side by side to achieve even larger dimensions. 

The most desirable dimensions of aluminum pergolas are: length 510 cm, depth 270cm and length 580cm and depth 300cm
Available pergol dimensions including prices can be found by selecting the dimension on the product card at the top right. 
Anodized aluminum construction. Roofing in the form of a full lexan that looks like glass.
Roofing has excellent insulation properties, 100% UV (UVA protection) and 75% IR (UVB protection). 
The shelters are the only ones in the Czech Republic certified by TÜV. This is not a Chinese copy, but a Japanese original, a 10 year warranty.

Pergolas are delivered both without assembly and in case of interest, including turnkey assembly all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The cost of the installation depends on the type of shelter and also on the method of installation - an average of CZK 15,000 excluding VAT. Mounting is possible in two ways, either by direct concreting into the trench or using steel flanges that are fastened to the chemical anchors in a pre-prepared base.

lexan stress cover

 lexan stresni krytina2

Rays, molds and mosses have no chance. A long-lasting beautiful look is guaranteed. The polycarbonate roofing is also equipped with an effective UV filter with almost 100% UVA and 75% UVB protection. A great plus is the high light transmittance of the material. So not only will it protect your car from overheating, so you will always feel comfortable in it, it also prevents fading of the vehicle's paintwork and illuminates the entire shelter area. Aluminum shelters have a load capacity (depending on the type) of 60 to 150 Kg / m2 and resist the wind by wind and wind speed. 

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  • Aluminum pergola series MLC
  • Aluminum pergola series MLC
  • Aluminum pergola series MLC
  • Aluminum pergola series MLC
  • Aluminum pergola series MLC
  • Aluminum pergola series MLC
  • Aluminum pergola series MLC
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