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Wooden carport AN10
  • Wooden carport AN10
  • Wooden carport AN10
  • Wooden carport AN10

Wooden carport AN10

Size: 600 x 311 cm

Producer:One Trade
Availability:an average of 2-5 days
Guarantee:2 years
An elegant wooden carport protects your car from rain, intrusive sunlight and saves you a lot of time in the dishwasher. Thanks to high-quality materials and fault-free metering of our technicians, your shelter will last long and flawlessly. The offered model AN10 600x311 cm shed is suitable for one car and does not require anchoring to the building so it can be placed anywhere. The carport installation is dry, which means it can be almost anytime, regardless of the weather.
You can still design your pergola cargos , not car parks , in our 3D planner today.  We will be happy to consult your suggestions and implement them.
Shed design and pergola One Trade is made of glued wood . It is a very flexible material from which any geometric shapes of large cross-sectional dimensions and lengths can be produced. Everything is machined on CNC machines. Bonded wood resists water, fire and even aggressive substances. You can choose the color of the design from 12 shades of wood .
The roofing is made of polycarbonate that resists impact, whether it is a fall of hull or hammer wound, polycarbonate remains firm. Another advantage of polycarbonate is that it contains UV protection, which makes it very good for both thermal and solar radiation . Thanks to it, your car will not overheat even in the biggest heat and the paint will not lose its colorful saturation. In addition, polycarbonate naturally repels dirt , neither mold nor moss on it. Thanks to this, the car shelter is almost maintenance-free. You can choose the roofing: Clear, Milky, Smoke. Alternatively, a different choice of roofing materials is possible.
Pergola made of wood is supplied in two ways :
1. Without assembly - the forwarding company will deliver a self-assembled pergola
2. Import pergolas directly from our company, which also professionally build pergolas


  • Dimensions: 311 cm x 600 cm
  • Paint color: wood according to color selection


  • Dimensions: 311 cm x 600 cm
  • Paint color: wood according to color selection

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  • Wooden carport AN10
  • Wooden carport AN10
  • Wooden carport AN10
  • Wooden carport AN10
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