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The provider of repayments is Home Credit as, http://www.homecredit.cz
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Cofidis installment sale

  • Main advantages
    • You can get the goods as fast as you can on cash or pay with a card - you sign the contract online, you do not have to print, copy and send
    • If you are not in a hurry, you can choose a signature through a courier, sign the contract in the comfort of your home
    • Zero fees for providing credit, keeping a credit account, sending statements,
    • The possibility of early repayment or emergency repayment of the loan at any time without penalties or fees.
    • Simple next purchases within the approved limit without signing a new contract.
  • Credit Parameters
    • The amount of the loan is 3.000, - to 150.000, - CZK.
    • Number of installments 5 - 48.
    • Direct payment option from CZK 0.
  • Conditions for obtaining a loan
    • Citizen of the Czech Republic.
    • Age min. 18 years.
    • Permanent source of income (income from employment, business, old age or disability pension or parental allowance).
    • Employee after trial period, entrepreneur at least 1 year.
    • Custom bank account.
  • Required documents
    • Valid OP - for signature via courier service
    • Valid OP, 2nd identity document, statement from CA - for online signing
    • For loans over 50,000, - a proof of the level of income (you will be asked by Cofidis to submit your application).
  • Procedure for closing the loan
    • You complete the order in the online store, then you will be redirected to the Cofidis form.
    • You choose the credit option and continue to complete your application. To apply, you will need a ID card, your bank account details, and your employer's contact (if it is your source of income).
    • Once you have completed your application, you are immediately notified of its approval, if the application can not be evaluated online, expect to be contacted for additional information within 30 minutes (during the 8-22, so, no 9-21).
    • Once approved, you will receive an email with a credit agreement - the contract is for your information only - you do not need to print it.

It then depends on how you sign the contract you have chosen:

  • Online Signature
    • you will receive a link to your online sign-in application and login information
    • clicking on the link will take you to the login page
    • after signing up, you will upload the required documents (identity card, 2nd document and extract from the CA)
    • You will then examine the credit agreement and check the accuracy of the personal data you have filled in
    • sign the contract via the SMS you receive
    • done, we check the uploaded documents and give the eshop an order to ship the goods
  • Courier
    • within two business days you will be contacted by a courier
    • the courier will present the contract to you for the signing
    • Cofidis receives information on signing the contract and gives the eshop an order for shipping the goods.
  • Personal collection
    • Eshop will inform you of goods ready to pick up.
    • At the take-off point, the e-shoppers will submit a contract to sign you.
    • Against signing and paying for a direct payment, you will receive the goods.
  • Other purchases in installments
    • You complete the order in the online store, then you will be redirected to the Cofidis form.
    • You will be logged in (you will receive the login information once the first purchase is approved), you will see the current amount 
      of the available limit, you choose the credit option.
    • On the next page, you will review or edit your personal information and send it.
    • Drawing is immediately confirmed and eshop receives the information that it can ship the goods.
  • Loan repayment
    • Once the credit has been approved, you will receive a letter of acceptance giving all the necessary information about the repayment.
    • The first installment of the loan is usually due on the 15th day of the month following the approval of the loan.
Representative example: Total loan amount 10.000, - CZK, annual interest rate 19.83%, APR 19.8, duration of loan 24 months, monthly payment of 500, - CZK, total amount payable by the consumer 12.000, - CZK. No fees are charged for negotiating a loan or keeping an account, insurance is not mandatory and is not included in the APRC. This offer does not give rise to legal entitlement to the loan. More information at www.cofidis.cz

Financing of consumer goods is provided for customers in the form of consumer or business credit from ESSOX sro
The whole process of processing a loan application is very fast and uncomplicated.

Credit advantages:

  • Simplicity and speed of closing a credit agreement directly over the Internet.
  • The large variability of credit products, their description, can be found below or directly in the ESSOX online calculator.
  • Immediately after the purchase of the goods, the client becomes its owner.
  • Possibility to negotiate insurance repayment.
  • Funded value of the merchandise or the whole purchase from CZK 2,000 to CZK 500,000, or according to the limitation of the installment product.
  1. How to buy in 5 installments

    1. Place the selected goods in the basket. You can buy more products at once - do not forget about the necessary accessories for the purchased goods,
    2. In the cart, check the order, go to the payment method and choose the ESSOX install purchase option. Choose the mode of transport according to the options offered and finish the order.
    3. In the next step, you will be prompted to redirect to ESSOX Ltd.'s web application (usually by clicking on the ESSOX link or logo) to fill out the required information in your credit application. Finally, submit the request for processing.
    4. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgment of your application. You will receive the result by e-mail usually within 15 minutes of the request being sent. In extreme cases, the assessment can be extended to the next business day.  (Therefore, pay extra attention when entering your email.)
    5. The e-mail with the result of the application assessment contains a link to the withdrawal of the credit agreement and other instructions for settlement.
Important note - Goods ordered in installments can only physically be taken over by the person applying for the loan after identification by the carrier on presentation of the identity card. Therefore, it is not possible for another person to take over the goods ordered for ESSOX installments.
If you need anything to solve the problem with you, we'll get together with you from our online store or ESSOX and ask for synergy.
  1. Who can apply for a loan:

    • A physical person older than 18 years with a permanent source of income:
      • employee - employed only for the main employment, must not be on notice
      • pensioner - disabled or old-age
      • maternity / parental leave
      • natural person entrepreneur (self-employed) - must do business for a minimum of 3 months
    • The legal entity (sro, as, vos, ... ..) must have a minimum of 1 year business, the application can be written only by the statutory representative according to the manner of negotiations mentioned in the Register of Companies and sign the contract according to the manner of negotiations mentioned in the OR
  1. Required documents for the settlement of the loan

    For loans up to CZK 100,000, only two identity documents are sufficient!
    • valid Citizen's Card
    • second identity document: passport, driving license, arms card, birth certificate, health insurance card
    For a loan over CZK 100,000, you need extra:
    • Employee: original receipt - not older than 1 month from sending an online credit application ( please download the confirmation at www.essox.com in the download section)
    • Retired : a copy of the retirement pension, the latest statement from the CA with a retirement count or a copy of the last postcard (if the pension is paid at the post office)
    • Woman / man on maternity leave : a copy of the grant notification / parental allowance notice
    • Self-employed : copy of the trade certificate, copy of the last tax return, including all annexes and proof of filing the tax return
    • Legal entities : Copy of the extract from the Register of Companies (sufficient from www.justice.cz ) copies of the last tax return, including all annexes and proof of filing the tax return
  1. Insurance of the ability to repay

    Together with Komerční pojišťovna as we offer you the option of a profitable insurance package for the ability to repay when, in the event of proof of the insured event under the insurance conditions, the loan will be paid or fully paid by Komerční pojišťovna as for you during the insurance event. It is possible to negotiate repayment insurance only for credit agreements written on natural persons.

    EXTRA variant:
    • the entry age is 18-65 years, the length of the negotiated loan may not exceed this maximum limit
    • insurance against loss of employment of the insured
    • insurance against incapacity for work
    • insurance in case of full disability of the insured
    • insurance against the death of the insured
    KLASIK variant:
    • the entry age is 18-65 years, the length of the negotiated loan may not exceed this maximum limit
    • insurance against incapacity for work
    • insurance in case of full disability of the insured
    • insurance against the death of the insured
    SENIOR OPTION variant:
    • entry age of 63 - 72 years, the length of the negotiated loan may not exceed this maximum limit
    • insurance against the death of the insured
  1. Offer of installment products

Sample calculations can be made using the payout calculator placed on our site for each item.

XYZ performs brokerage for ESSOX sro , a financial services provider.

ESSOX , a subsidiary of Komerční banka, has been active in the consumer finance market for more than 20 years and is one of the leading providers of non-banking services in the Czech Republic. www.essox.cz

If you have questions about any of the installment products, please contact us.
We wish you a pleasant shopping in installments.