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CP FLAT carport
  • CP FLAT carport
  • CP FLAT carport
  • CP FLAT carport

CP FLAT carport

Availability:30 days
Guarantee:extended 10 years
Quality carriages for one car from the German company Siebau are characterized by several advantages. First of all, we must not forget that the best galvanized steel was used to produce the structures. The roof of the car shed and other components that you can choose from are the finest top-quality materials. Thanks to this, we can guarantee a long-term life with these 10 years warranty .  The shelters can be arranged side by side or behind each other, and you can get a larger roofing area. You can choose from several designs with different dimensions.
Complementary fillings (corrugated, metallic) for the rear or side of the carpet are also optional.They help you keep your privacy, but also greatly shield the sun. All accessories for carports are available at an additional cost. The construction (attic) and the roof itself are available in color: white, brown, anthracite.
The materials used are almost immortal and protect your car against heavy rains or snow showers . The structure maintains a stable state even in the winds of whistling or storm wind speeds. Rainwater from the roof drains an integrated drain pan.

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  • CP FLAT carport
  • CP FLAT carport
  • CP FLAT carport
  • CP FLAT carport
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