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Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax

Samobalanční electric Rotax

Producer:One Trade
Availability:an average of 2-5 days
Guarantee:2 years

Rotax - electric samobalanční

Introducing novelty on the Czech and Slovak market! Samobalanční Rotax two-wheeled electric car
Price dvoukolého samobalančního Electric Vehicle Is Now More Than available. Compared to existing products in the same category, for us to take a Rotax for a third the price!
Rotax is controlled by simply tilting the body and the steering is very easy and intuitive. Additionally, electric Rotax includes a central remote control!
It Represents Individual and independent Means of transport, ideal for city or short distances on the golf course as an executive assistant. Huge advantage of this electric car is agile ITS compactness. Seamlessly relocate it in the trunk of a car Even smaller, in the city will appreciate ITS light weight and smooth transport public transportation.

Small size = easy transport
Rotax is PRECISELY designed for the size of the human body. This corresponds perfectly with the intention of using it - smooth and rapid transport in urban traffic. Electric scooters Rotax is ook incredibly lightweight - weighing only 18.5 kg. Additionally, the front telescopic handle, easy to fold THUS, THUS ITS size is significantly Reduced. You'll never have to deal with parking issues.

Zero Emissions = zero pollution in your city
Drive electric scooters with FORMED similarly as in electric vehicles. Its only source is a lithium battery That powers the electric motor. This device can be Easily Recharged anywhere there is a socket voltage of 240V - ie at home, in the office, simply anywhere. On a single charge you drive up to 30 kilometers without any pollution, noise or environmental pollution.

Low power consumption
Rotax electric scooters with Extremely low-cost Means of transport. Cost per kilometer is around 10 cents. Compared to driving a car with about 1.2 liters of fuel, Which at today's price growth comes quite costly. Rotax is ook more economical Than the traditional electric-car. Traditional electric car weighs about one ton - Rotax weighing around 20 KILOGRAMS and really saves energy.

On this ride electric cars will never forget. Investment in this vehicle will soon return to your Appointments and you arrive in style and always on time!

Maximum cruising speed: 20 km / h
Driving distance (one charge): 20-30 km
Electric Power: 1300W / max.3000W
Min. Turning radius 0 (turns on the spot)
Net Weight: 18.5 kg
Volume size: 0.15 m3
Overall width: 46.4 cm
Overall height: 115-140 cm
Chassis Height: 21.2 cm
Charging time: 1-3h
Maximum load: 150 kg
Max gradeability: 15 °
Lifetime:> 35.000 km
Power supply voltage: 240V
Battery: Lithium 48V / 8Ah

Complete range not only for your garden, please

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  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
  • Samobalanční electric Rotax
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